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Top Name Products
At Eastern Illumination we design, install and maintain outdoor lighting systems. We install products from top name manufacturers such as Cast Lighting, Focus Industries, Hadco, Kichler & Unique Lighting, some of which are available only to us. Click on the
"Vendor Links" on the left to see some examples from these quality vendors online. Or if you prefer to meet with us, we have catalogs to assist in product selection. Please use the Contact Us link to arrange an appointment.

Eastern Illumination will meet with you at your location to discuss your project. Initial consultations are free, and take less than one hour. We usually check your service entrance panel for available space, and we check your basement for accessibility. We may take digital photos and measurements for future design purposes. In many cases we can give a price range on your project at the close of this meeting.

At Eastern Illumination, we take pride in our ability to develop a unique design for your property. Our designs accent the interesting drama that occurs between light, shadow and color. Let us create an inspiring evening scene to be enjoyed by you, year round.

Eastern Illumination will create a unique outdoor lighting design at your location, or we will work from your architectural plans.

We will specify the following elements in our design:

1. Type and location of all fixtures.
2. Wattage of lamps.
3. All line voltage wiring.
4. All switching and control elements.
5. All low voltage wiring design.
6. Transformer types and locations.
7. All lenses, louvers and accessories.

Please Contact Us for scheduling and pricing.

Let us show you...
Our best sales tool is the Evening Design Studio presentation. We combine the potential customer's input with our years of experience to prepare a simulated lighted landscape with our portable demonstration systems. This live representative sample of our work allows our potential customer to see before they buy.
[click for more information and to see a sample...]

Please Contact Us for scheduling and pricing.

Experienced Installation
Experienced and knowledgeable installation technicians are what separate Eastern Illumination from the competition. Our background in landscape construction and residential wiring ensure a quality, National Electric Code compliant installation.

Rebuild and Repair
While the majority of our work is designing, installing and maintaining outdoor lighting systems from the ground up, we also rebuild and repair existing systems.
After we install your dream outdoor lighting system, we don't just disappear. We also offer annual, semi-annual and monthly service to make sure your system looks the way it did on the day we installed it.

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